Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dragonrider Adventures


Mt. Doug

Jordan River

Mt. Tolmie

making new biker friends

Jordan River mad max gear

first ride with biker chick gang :)


Chemainus - getting cycle tips


Maple Bay pub

Mt. Tolmie - yay we did it!

Mt Doug biker buddies

ready to go!

Jordan River


stopping at a friends cafe in Sidney

Thetis Lake

parking in 'the pit' at work

Deep Cove

windy day at Saxe Point

Devonian park

astride the Dragon

mean Dragon profile :)

Thumper and the Dragon

rain rain go away, so I can ride again one day...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tale of the Dragon

He waited. Sensing her eyes on him he puffed himself out slightly to make himself appear more... dangerous. As she approached he felt her energy, soft yet full of hidden strength. He faltered as she mounted him, felt her body mold to his, her weight easing down on him as her hands held him tighter and her legs wrapped around him. She sighed softly as she relaxed and her feet went to the pegs as the salesman held him steady. He heard her murmur under her breath... 'perfect.'
She dismounted and began to inspect every inch of him, he felt strangely vulnerable as her eyes traveled over him gently touching him here and there, running her fingers along his spine, across his sides. She was talking to the salesman as she moved around, asking questions as she continued to watch him and touch him. Finally they shook hands and left him there.
All he could think of was wanting her to touch him again, to feel her weight on him... how strange.